Where do waterfalls come from

Sat Sep 14 2019
Is there a hierarchy of water like there is one of primates? Does the source perceive itself as dominant, or does it recognize that it is built up by the other smaller sources, furthermore does it see that the very same water that is the source today will tomorrow be the runoff, that it's position is fleeting and cyclical. I guess there is some wisdom to be learned from water, perhaps this is the reason that so many ancient proverbs are based on just this kind of thing. Whether you listen to the reading of an ancient spiritual teaching, or a modern pop song these kinds of symbols are prevalent, and it makes sense. Just as words are symbols for abstract meaning, so thoughts are also models of reality as incomplete as they may be. A large part of where we human beings exist is within the world of symbolism, not in a physical way, but on the level of experience, although it may not seem like it, symbolism underlies everything. Where does the waterfall come from, it comes from the source, it comes from the past, it comes from above and it moves to below.